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Next volume of Obscene Extreme means another year of support for Doctors without borders. We continue to support our big favourites !!! This year we managed to agree on the co-operation with the American legend CANNIBAL CORPSE for our charity. Believe it or not, but this cooperation was arranged in 5 minutes!!!

Of course, we are very happy and once again we will prepare a limited edition of 200 pieces of T-shirts with the motif from the Spanish master Luis Sendón.

Luis Sendón on his motif for Doctors without borders:

“Every year OEF prepares a T-shirt to raise funds for Doctors without borders. The design is always inspired by one of the festival's headliners and this year it's Cannibal Corpse's turn. It's great to have this design because I am a big fan of the covers Vince Locke does for the band and I loved the idea that this aesthetics will blend with the Obscene Extreme symbolism. I hope you will like it!"



Again, you will have the opportunity to get to know the members of the Prague`s organization DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS face to face !!! It's great that their busy schedule allows them to come back to the festival again and present themselves at their promotional stand. Every year they enjoy OEF as much as we all do! So, stop by for a chat and get the latest information !!! Even the director of the Prague branch, Pavel Gruber, boldly put his tent up on the Battlefield last year and enjoyed the atmosphere of the festival to the full. He's our man !!!


Of course, CANNIBAL CORPSE waive all royalties and OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL pays for both T-shirts and their printing.


ATTENTION! ATTENTION! This year, the charity T-shirts will be sold only in the newly established stand of GRIND MARKET II. (in the auditorium behind the White House).

PS: Over the course of seven years of our charity event, we have handed 745.502 CZK over to Doctors without borders. Thank you !!!