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Charity auction: Special vest signed by Barney from Napalm Death!!!

Hi! Today we have a very special thing for you… This summer at the 20th Obscene Extreme Festival, Barney from NAPALM DEATH signed this fab Doctors without Borders vest and added a few wise words. 

We want to auction this vest and all the money will go of course to Doctors without Borders… Is there a need to introduce Barney? Simply: a legend of our music, awesome super smart guy with his heart in the right place, which you will see by the way in his words addressed to us which he put on the vest. And as our wonderful loyal fans, i believe you know Doctors without Borders very well… amazing organization which work we appreciate so much!!! 

’s do this and let’s think about what is really important in life. Please, help us promote this and share wherever possible! Thanks for your support and have a great time!

Čurby, Obscene Extreme Festival