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We are talking about bands that are booked for OEF, but also your tips for kick ass bands or bands you want to see at OEF.
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PutridEvil #184

16.02.2021 21:16

Hi! Check it out and listen aloud! Putrid Evil from Poland! Coming soon with a new hit!

Humberto Bermeo Franco #183

29.01.2021 21:34

Hello!! Finally CURETAJE was added to the site!! Hellyeah!! Is it possible to edit the current info, bio of the band? For example if I want to upload a new release or song, may I?

Humberto Bermeo Franco #182

08.01.2021 00:47

Hello!! I submitted my band CURETAJE in OEF site but it has not been approved. How long it will take to be approve? Thanks in advance!!

Bob #178

10.12.2019 10:25

Hi. This might not be the best place but can I possibly update the Horsebastard section? It’s very old and outdated. We played at your amazing festival in 2013 and would love to play again :)

adrien kremer #176

26.11.2019 14:54

Hi -> CELESTE, French post metal band mixed visual and sonic experience ___ (Video live: Cette chute brutale: ___ Audiotree Live: Looking forward to hearing from you,

Akekaphong Chueaphruan #175

11.11.2019 11:44

Hi, Please kindly considered SATYR a Noise/Grindcore from Thailand to perform at Obscene Extreme 2020. Best Regards.

Leonardo Barzi #174

10.10.2019 18:13

Hi, there. I'm from Mercy Killing, a Thrash Metal band from Brazil. We released an full lenght in 2015 (CD and LP) and we would like to play at OeF someday, if possible. Here's some links: Bandcamp: Official site: Euthanasia/Life live at Tenda Studio: Youtube Channel: What do you think? Best regards!

Wighead #173

06.10.2019 17:57

SxVx - Suffolk grind scene legends Small Vagina.

Valak #172

18.09.2019 20:50

Hello, we are VALAK, a Death Metal band from the city of Punta Arenas, Chile, from the end of South America, we have seen that you are looking for bands to play at the festival, it would really be an honor for us to be part of the band list, our metal talks about various topics which we believe will attract the attention of the public, we invite you to see our instagram profile, there are YouTube links with some videos, soon we will release a demo in which we can show our music, greetings from Chile. Instagram: @valak_xll Facebook: Youtube:

Andrew Bañuelos #171

18.09.2019 18:42

my bands putrid lobotomy and ambiviolence would love to play for you guys, it’s fusion of deathgrind, crust punk, goregrind, powerviolence, noise you name it. there’s no music up but somewhere in the near future there will be our instagrams are @putridlobotomy and @ambiviolence . the homies @oblitoris and @vulgarxvomit are interested too.

Vulgarxvomit #170

18.09.2019 07:37

Hello obscene extreme we are vulgarxvomit we play a mix of gritty pv, shoelace d beat, and disgusting cave man grind. We hail from the san Fernando valley in beautiful los Angeles California where tweakers run rampant and we have songs about exactly that and other great content such as songs about john Wayne gacy, fighting people who come in to my garage (i like my tools), Godzilla, being cucked :(, making sweet sweet love in the sewers but then crying because it was just too much for you, keying the car of the man who cut you off in the costco parking lot, and oh so much more. It has been our dream to play here since our formation in late 2017 and we full heartedly vow to make this the most violent set we have ever played if you beautiful people alow us to play. a link to our social media is down below as well as our YouTube and soundcloud Instagram Soundcloud YouTube Thank you for you time.

Gabriel Escobar #169

13.08.2019 21:31

If you guys want to see and hear a blasting groovy Mexican old school black thrash, please allow me to introduce Necroneutron. Years of experience inside the underground metal scene come to light in order to develop one only style of doing good music. Take into consideration, contact the band and listen its Malevolent Presence. #Necroneutron Facebook, band camp, you tube, etc

Richelle Rivadelo #168

10.08.2019 01:14

Check out BLOODSHEDD from the Philippines. They have 3 albums on Spotify. Check it out!

eromayhem #167

09.08.2019 05:06

Please check Death Thrash Metal from Philippines. Bloodshedd. 3 album uploaded to spotify Music Video in youtube

Francisco Bolaños #166

30.07.2019 13:38

Hi people I see you talking about bands for OEF 2020, I would like to talk about 2 particular bands from the scene here in Centro America, first one it's a Crust Punk band from Salvador called Distrust, they already played on some tours across latin America, I live in Costa Rica and I saw them 2 times and its fucking brutal raw punk, here some music of them, second one I would like to speak Its Picha from Costa Rica, is the noisest band from my country, they have to many releases and have been playing since 2000, so they have 20 years making horrible lovely noise music hahaha, they dont play on gigs so often but when they do the gigs are always the best local grind concerts there is a song of them, take a listen, i hope you like it haha!

propx #164

28.07.2019 14:46

big shout-out to OEF, alwayse supreme for 2020 maybe consider Jig-Ai, Inhumate, Napalm Death, Dying Fetus, Splattered Myrmaids, Magrudergrind,Antigama, Cripple Bastards, Noisear, Nausea, Insect Warfare, Rotten Sound and ... much more

Morgoth #156

05.04.2019 18:07

The guys under my post are truly amazing, I'm referring to Membrance. I saw them live and their shows are awesome, so many power and energy. You really have to check them on youtube and spotify!

LAZZA #155

25.03.2019 01:25

I want to propone Membrance, Death-Thrash Metal from Venice. Trash'n Roll Obscene!

Mark Cameron welch #153

06.03.2019 02:23

I'm also wondering how to do this

Wighead #152

06.12.2018 22:58


ZenAku777 #151

11.11.2018 00:41

hi i want to update my band's info, photo and video , also change audio with new song . is that possible or i have to register the same band again with updated info?

reagoval: Mark Cameron welch #153

Adrestia #150

05.11.2018 11:30

Crusty death metal from sweden? Yes please?! New album to be recorded in a few weeks. Live assult ready in time for oef2019!

migmanzone #145

19.07.2018 14:32

live stream today Acidez at Obscene Extreme 2018

migmanzone #144

19.07.2018 14:32

live stream today Acidez at Obscene Extreme 2018

Wellington Barbosa #132

01.06.2018 20:39 I would love to see them on Obsene would be amazing ....

Melina Gisselle Escudero #130

15.04.2018 18:15

ApofeniA (? https://facebook.con/ApofeniAsl

Mark Cameron welch #128

05.02.2018 09:28

Clunge Destroyer! 3 piece grind/crust band from the UK


23.01.2018 18:42

Comment faire pour récupérer mon billet que je trouve plus sur ma boite mail! Aidez-moi !!!!

kkerand #123

09.01.2018 00:34

I would totally want to see band from Poland, they are called Vishurddha (cheers from Pavel!)

Austen Gershenson #122

28.12.2017 07:54

Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre Macabre

Austen Gershenson #121

28.12.2017 07:52 RAISED BY OWLS!!!!

Dergus #116

30.11.2017 16:04

A to piece everything crazy piece of shit band from the UK. They have just made a Christmas song and are about to realise a EP in January, would be fucking sick to see them at this mental festival!!

Gustavo #115

06.11.2017 21:10

Acrataka band from canary islands África. .. (spain colonia)..punk crust hc dbeat

PutridEvil #109

05.09.2017 22:42

Putrid Evil from Poland.

Kahdil #108

03.08.2017 16:51

Thrash Metal band from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago: Klavium Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud:

Eric #101

31.01.2017 20:20

REMOTE We would like to share with you the new release of our french band call REMOTE. The band is from Paris and completed its line up in 2010 featuring members of HKY and Quartier Rouge. REMOTE’s music could be defined as a chaotic, aggressive kind of post-hardcore with a hint of dark noise. It's inspired by every negative feelings. Each song displays its own atmosphere either straight & intense, heavy or oppressing. After a first LP, Starving Blaze and Hollow Shades, released in 2013 follow by a split EP with the Norwegian band BARREN WOMB released in April 2013, our brand new album RESILIENT is now available on streaming and free download on our official bandcamp page, Follow us : Contact:

yahnes #100

13.01.2017 19:18


yahnes #99

13.01.2017 19:15


KirillTur #93

23.11.2016 07:39

OSSUARY ANEX - Dark Brutal Death Metal from Russia

G #91

19.11.2016 18:51

OEF 2017 - Small Vagina - Comedy Death Grind from UK, unique sound, amazing live! -

Wighead #90

19.11.2016 08:28

OEF 2017 - SMALL VAGINA - Suffolk Grind Scum Bags -

Afonso Moura #74

17.02.2016 17:22

OEF 2017 - SUBCUT - grindcore from Brasil -

Julien #69

02.12.2015 10:28

For the warm up party, it would be awesome to have something different for once, like an Horror core night with bands such as Butchers Harem, Sodoma Gomora , Reznik

Dennis #68

26.11.2015 23:16

For OEF 2016: Blood Agent, a german death-/thrash- metal band. Love them!!! \m/

Grinder #64

12.11.2015 20:43

For OEF 2016 : Gutalax ! Gutalax ! Gutalax !!! ... And Also : spasm & Ultimo mondo cannibale


01.11.2015 03:37

fornicaras indonesian metal Twitter - @fornicarasID Youtube : Reverbnation


01.11.2015 03:37

fornicaras indonesian metal Twitter - @fornicarasID Youtube : Reverbnation

Robin #58

18.10.2015 16:15

Hi there, GI Joke from Belgium would very much like to play OEF for the first time : Hope to see ya there !

KharmA Grind #57

13.10.2015 18:08

Greetings from Mérida - Venezuela. We are KharmA, the Venezuelan Andes pioneering grinders. Listen us at: Follow us at: @kharmagrind

kasbab #55

21.09.2015 10:28

Hellsodomy - aggressive death metal from Turkey

noctur vagin #52

09.08.2015 06:36

yes we want to Necrophilic Anal Violation of a Little Bad Bitch Dismembered They must touch!!!!!! is good band of gore of mexican we want to in the event july 2016 !!!! please I leave the official page of the band to communicate with them

bestgore #51

08.08.2015 05:05

yea!!!!! necrophilic anal violation yea!!!!!! who are in the obscen? it will be great Mexico are in contact with them are very good

jersy #50

07.08.2015 06:32

band of goregrind perfect band is to band sound good is rare find I drive them put them in the festival

Theoretic #49

04.08.2015 01:38 Hi OEF! Curby send us your contact! We are Theoretic Egoism an Italian Grind\crust band. Take a look on the facebook page and say your free opinion, if you like our way to do grind or not and if we can give our noise for the fuckin OEF! :D Goodbye! We will post others live videos soon

Dido Lammers #48

29.07.2015 17:29

PIGTAILS/TxPxFx @ OEF Europe instead of America :)

Dido Lammers #47

29.07.2015 17:27

I REALLY REALLY wan't to see Cemetery Rapist from Rockford, Illinois. See you in 2016!!!! :)

Mattis #46

23.07.2015 13:35

DARKALL SLAVES, Brutal death metal from France:

Erhan #41

25.06.2015 07:31

Glabrezu - Crust Punk from turkey Facebook Page: Our Album Realities & Hiddens Bandcamp: Live Performance:

Kirill Tur #39

22.06.2015 18:44

Ossuary Anex - Brutal Death metal from Russia link to our band: Link to our Album Awakening Bandcamp : Link to live gig:

Tjitte #35

18.05.2015 15:43

Demoncrassie, some friends from france

Django #34

13.05.2015 11:23

Cold Blooded. Oldschool Death Metal from the Netherlands

Wilder Trujillo #33

08.05.2015 00:10

VORACIOUS INFECTION - Brutal Death Metal from Peru, Check it out!!!

Peter #32

07.05.2015 10:55

SADOTANK blackthrash Netherlands

cristian urzino #31

06.05.2015 20:57

FEED ME MORE from Milan (Italy), powerful extreme mix!

Rainer #25

17.03.2015 14:57

Cunt Carnage - Groovy Goregrind from Estonia :hoh)

Coro @ Axa Valaha Productions #24

10.03.2015 15:53

CASUS - a killer blend of brutal death metal and grindcore, made in Germany.

Fred / INHUMATE #19

28.02.2015 14:32

TREÄN'DEAD from France :

Steph DS #18

27.02.2015 19:03

Krabathor!!! Ghoul (would be great fun with the OEF crowd)

perfuckt #15

25.02.2015 08:27

Intresting band from Russia named RAINED


14.02.2015 10:15

My firts year at OEF. Gutalax( video of last year was awsome), Spasm, Benediction, Jungle rot

Bialy #5

07.02.2015 23:11

AIDS Best band from Poland! Creators of shitcore( They are BRUTAL! Fucking dope shit! We need to see them at festival

Dima Thrash #1

29.01.2015 16:16

Murder? Crust from Ukraine