BE READY!!! Download the QR code (barcode) reader to your smartphone you can use to find out your spending or the current status of your digital wallet!!!

You can find QR code & barcode readers, e.g. QR Reader, Barcode, Barcode scanners etc. in AppStore or Google play.

Your festival bracelet serves as a ticket to the venue as well as a digital wallet with which you can buy drinks and food. You will get the bracelet with a chip (the chip will be refundable for 25,- CZK) at the entrance to the venue, you will charge it with money and use it instead of the vouchers. The chip works in the same way as a credit or debit card and you will pay simply by attaching. The amount you charge is up to you. You can pay both cash and with a card, the balance will be refunded to you upon the departure from the festival.

CASHLESS POINT l. (next to the main entrance):

Wednesday 3.7.2019 10:00 - Sunday 7.7.2019 10:00

CASHLESS POINT ll. (above the auditorium):
Wednesday 3.7.2019 10:00 - 22:00
Thursday 4.7.2019 10:00 - 00:00
Friday 5.7.2019 8:00 - 00:00
Saturday 8.7.2019 8:00 - 00:00

You get the chip for a refundable deposit of 25 CZK (if you are going to return the chip after the festival, you will have your bracelet cut and we will keep the chip for further use... of course, you can keep the bracelet afterwards).

You can pay for food and drink with the bracelet. We will sell the Obscene Extreme merch and goods in the Grind Market for cash too (you can pay in crowns or euros).