Who to determine the boundary of normality for Obscene Extreme in particular? ABNORMALITY!!!

A combination of the gentle sex with a unique extreme growl. There aren't many high-quality names out there coming to your mind in this connection.

Everybody knows that Mallika is considered the goddess of Brutal Death Metal and if you don't, she will convince you of this fact in a split second! Her incredible vocal and an amazing expression brimming with perfect charisma is unforgettable. It's not by chance King Diamond himself is a big fan of hers! Mallika is surrounded by a quartet of brutalists playing sick, technical melodies into her guttural. For the fans of ABNORMALITY, the new album is scheduled for May. You will then have time enough to immerse fully into its riffs!!!

Such kind of ABNORMALITY must be loved by all men! See you in the mosh pit, dear friends!!!