ZATRATA - Oslepiony chciwoscia


We welcome this year's first crust style representative at OEF from Poland, ZATRATA. From a country that returns to the deep middle ages with bigoted church views. However, there are a numbers of people who disagree with them and express their opinions out very loud!!! One of them is the band ZATRATA, a relatively new band, connected by people from bands like Infekcja, Stregesti or Flux.

ZATRATA rides in hellish crust mud with a large admixture of death metal and they are doing it with a speed that is inherent to most Polish bands, as well as their instrumental skill!!! Crust war at OEF!!!


Zatrata was formed in Radwanice (near Wroclaw,Poland) in 2016. They played several dozen of gigs in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Belarus. Musically its a mix of oldschool death metal and crust. FFO Terrorizer/ Bolt Thrower/ Amebix / Hellshock / Entombed. Members of Infekcja, Stregesti, Lifephobia, Vengeance. Personally connected to Centrum Reanimacji Kultury DIY - social-cultural center in Wroclaw. Partially family band.


Release date Release name Media
2021 S/t album cd CD
2020 S/t album 12''/ cd CD
2019 Split 12'' with how long?
2018 Demo tape DEMO


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