YACØPSÆ - Selbst Bestimmt


We're extremely honored to announce the return of Germany's fastest band ever at our festival, the one and only... YACOEPSAE! Time flies as fast as their ligthning speed Turbo Speed Violence, as they haven't grinded the OEF stage for can you believe it.. 9 years.. but to us it seems like yesterday, hard to forget their 2012 show at the Battlefield, so groundbreaking and deafening.

After 31 years since their inception, these maniacs show no sign of sitting down and they proved it with their latest full length "Timeo Ergo Sum", a whirlwind tornado of neck-breaking Hardcore/PowerViolence at impossible blasting velocity! And the most interesting thing is that they're back with a completely renewed line up that many of us haven't seen live yet, Thore took Emu's place on drums and Manuel is the new 4-string destroyer. One thing is guaranteed, we'll all be floored by a lethal cyclone of manic fast Power Violence delivered with unstoppable fury and ballistic precision. SCHNELLER!!!


YACØPSÆ from Hamburg/ Germany has been formed back in summer 1990. Heavily influenced by early Hardcore/ Thrash outfits such as SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS, ACTIVE MINDS, SEPTIC DEATH, NEKROMANTIE, old D.R.I., VORKRIEGSPHASE, BOBWIRE, RAPT, LÄRM, PARABELLUM, NAPALM DEATH (pre-“Scum”-era), SIEGE, ELECTRO HIPPIES, DESCARRIADOS, PROTES BENGT, STOSSTRUPP, FEAR ITSELF, NUN-FUCKERS, NECRONOMICON, ATAQUE FRONTAL, 3. KATEGORIJA and tons of early 80’s Punk/ Hardcore bands from Germany, they started to create their own fast’n’short tunes.

Within the past 3 decades, they had the possibility to play almost 400 shows all over the globe (Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finnland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Northern-Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA) and shared the stage with tons of different bands.

Misleadingly, way too often described as “Grindcore”, YACØPSÆ always just played hyper-fast Hardcore with personal and political lyrics. The list of their releases is huge (approx. 60 different records/ CDs/ DVDs), the latest album from 2019 is called „Timeo ergo sum“.

Stoffel – guitar/ voice, Manuel – bass, Thore – drums


Release date Release name Media
2019 Timeo Ergo Sum Album
2016 Gästezimmer Album
2015 Split-EP w/ Corrosive EP
2015 Split-EP w/ ZZZ Hacker EP
2015 Split-10“ w/ Irate Architect
2014 Live At AJZ Wermelskirchen LP
2014 Split-7" w/ Shitnoise Bastards
2014 Split-10" w/ Razors
2014 Split-EP w/ Deep EP
2013 Split-7" w/ To The Point
2013 Discoregraphy #2
2013 Power-It-Up Flexi Series Part 4
2012 Split-7" w/ Amen 81
2011 Einstweilige Vernichtung Album
2011 Pop-Punk Alienation Album
2009 Tanz, Grosny, tanz… Album
2008 Split-Album w/ Res Gestae and La Vendetta
2008 Pop-Punk Alienation Album
2007 Fastcoregraphy
2007 Tanz, Grosny, tanz… Album
2006 Split-7" w/ Your Kingdom Is Doomed
2006 Split-5" w/ Massgrav
2006 Discoregraphy
2004 Split-7" w/ Fuck On The Beach
2003 Split-9" w/ Deep und Weezer
2003 Split-Album w/ Sanitys Dawn
2001 Split-Album w/ Rot
2001 Split-7" w/ Tumult
2001 Einstweilige Vernichtung Album
2000 Split-5" w/ Deep
1999 Split-7" w/ Bizarre X
1998 Fuck Punk Rock… This Is Turbo-Speed-Violence!!! Album
1996 Split-7" w/ Vaseline
1996 Split-7" w/ Inner Conflict
1995 Split-7" w/ Active Minds
1994 Krank ist normal 7"
1991 Demo Tape


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