TURTLE RAGE - Thrash Attack


Who doesn't know Donatello, Raphael... oh crap... but the names Piti, Tobi and especially the name of german band TURTLE RAGE, should not be unknown to experts of the extreme. With huge exaggeration, influenced by the comic series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and with the speed pedal pressed all the way to the floor, TURTLE RAGE will come to OEF to show us something of their mutant cuisine.

Hardcore, punk, grindcore... it doesn't matter when you're being slaughtered by these ninjas with a shell on their backs!!! Even Master Splinter bows down to them!!!


Founded in 2014 by Piti, Fabs and Tobi as a side project. The plan was to write short and fast songs influenced by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Its all about having fun, skating and social failures- strictly into DIY and the hardcore / punk-scene. No song is over the 1 minute mark except one own song and two covers (doesn't count!).

in 2018 Fabs left the band because he wanted to play drums again and wanted to create instrumental-parts more than just screaming. TxRx continued as a duo and Tobi took the main vocals. TxRx played a ton of shows (mostly germany) and the Europe-tour in 2020 with ANF (Italy) got cancelled due to the pandemic.

Piti – Drums
Tobi – Guitars / Vocals


Release date Release name Media
2021 Split with XSPig
2020 Split with Ill!
2016 Split With JxHxKx


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