As necrotic tissue spreads, so does the odor of pathological death/grindcore of our well-known and truly legendary PUTRID OFFAL!!! The French trio, which starts in 1990, has its credit, among other recordings, a really appreciated split LP with Exulceration, which kicked them into the higher class of extreme underground. However, back in 1992, PUTRID OFFAL went to hiatus, to wake up a but later in 2013.

Since then, the band exist as a morbid quartet of dissectionists that brought the corpse of PUTRID OFFAL back to life!!! These pathologists will be at Obscene Extreme for the second time to clean your guts and perform some forensic operations!!! There will be dissection!!!


Three decades ago, one of the very first French Grindcore bands (along with Blockheads, Inhumate, etc.) was born from the sick minds of Franck Peiffer (guitars and vocals) and Frédéric Houriez (bass). Ludovic Loez (Supuration/SUP) joined them as a drummer. It was in 1990 and PUTRID OFFAL was one of, if not the, very first Goregrind act(s) ever to emerge from France.

A first demo, “Unformed”, is quickly released (1991) and the band start getting the attention of the worldwide grindcore underground scene. Few months later, a split EP with the belgian grinding legend Agathocles came out on US labels Skin Drill/Seraphic Decay. This product opens some doors and some of the demo’s tracks appeared on few compilations.

Due to the growing of his main band, Ludovic Loez leaves the band and is replaced by Boris Reisdorf on drums. With him, the band gonna take a major step. They recorded what will become their cult “Premature 
necropsy” split LP (Wimp/Adipocere records) with the swiss band, Exulceration (1991). One year later, the trio returns in studio to record five songs for the “Obscurum per obscurius” French compilation on Reincarnate records (1992). These songs will be the last one with Boris. He left the band due to musical differences and PO fall in a deep hiatus.

In 2013, the lethargy came to an end and from the dead flesh came a new project. Fred and Franck convince Philippe Reinhalter (Division Alpha) to join them for reanimating PO. After one year of rehearsing, “Mature necropsy” is recorded and see the light in 2015 on Kaotoxin. After twenty years of standing six feet underground, the rotten Putrid Offal’s corpse is making a monstrously come back !To answer to the many live solicitations, Laye Louhenapessy (Dehuman, Vibrion, Echo Solar Voice) takes place behind the drums. Festivals (Obscene extreme, Deathfeast, Fall of summer, Hellfest, Stonehenge…) and European tours (with Mercyless and Inhume) succeed each other.

In 2017, “Anatomy”, a six songs EP (Xenokorp records), will be the first Laye ’s studio recording and will be released just before our Hellfest show.

The band starts a new dissection and begin to work on his next album. Recording in the Wave Light Factory, their own studio, “Sicknesses obsessions” appears in 2020 (Xenokorp records). Another step is reached with this anatomy lesson. All hail the walking dead!


Release date Release name Media
2020 Sicknesses obsessions CD, LP
2017 Anatomy EP
2015 Premature Necropsy Compilation
2015 Mature Necropsy Full-length
2014 Suffering EP
1994 Promo 94 DEMO
1992 Obscurum per Obscurius Split
1991 Unformed DEMO
1991 At the Sight of the Foul Offal... / Untitled Split
1991 Infernal Disgust / Premature Necropsy Split


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