KULMA Czech Republic

KULMA - Morytaty


One of the next projects of the hyper agile pair of elusive Ostrava musicians Viki - Skulda. This time it's the band KULMA, which has been around for more than a decade!!! Maximum speed - up crustcore in Swedish-British way with incredible roar of singer Utte Fitta!!! No Femme Fatale but Una Bestia!!!

KULMA is going fully blasting and when they say "when I have time, I'll play sludge", so you know that's not an option at OEF!!!


Furiously accelerated crustcore, spiced with melancholy expressive vocals that look at death from many different angles. Dark altergo of SHEEVAYOGA.


Release date Release name Media
2021 split MC w/ 7 MINÚT STRACHU MC (TAPE)
2017 Morytáty MC (TAPE)
2013 split LP w/ HOW LONG? LP


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