HYSTOS Czech Republic

HYSTOS - Totální selhaní orgasmu nadměrnou masturbací


The new acquisition in the Czech grind pond is called HYSTOS!!! An absolute megamix of extreme styles, played with great speed-up and a good dose of humor, as it should be, in this style. Downtuned boosted guitars, a guttural snoring from the deepest hell and rolling drums is what we all like and that's exactly what we get from HYSTOS to a greater extent than big!!!

For the first time at OEF and immediately HYSTOS will kick off the whole Obscene celebration on Friday at 3 pm!!! The ball is on their side!!!


The HYSTOS group was formed in December 2019, when the Histos group disbanded, with the departure of founding member Pavel alias Scoola. Since Pavel had the exclusive right to the logo and the name Histos, a new name HYSTOS was created as well as a new logo authored by Mr. Chymus /ISACAARUM, ANTIGOD and many other bands and projects/. The band's style is most often referred to by fans and critics as pathological goregrind. The band is now carefully working on new tracks on their first CD, which is expected to be released in 2022. Participating in OEF 2021 is the fulfilment of the greatest dream the band has had since the beginning of existence!

The band's current line-up is:
SATAN.KURO - vocals
BOBO - bass
EMMANUEL - guitar
PIŠTA - drums


no releases


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