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GRIDE - Nadeje v mijeni


One would say, GRIDE, of course, this is the local classic. Gridecore, squeak, we know, we do know and are looking forward. However, beware! The South Bohemian legend of extreme hardcore or grind went through a giant change last year! A GIANT CHANGE! Especially in terms of the line-up, but we all expect and look forward to a good blast! And according to the last news from the Prachatice region we will get it! Well, one at a time. The current line-up put together by Čert is very interesting and their music is more than awesome!

At the end of the year, they will put out a new album recorded with the previous line-up, but they are already on their way to the next record with the fresh one. We, personally, look forward to new GRIDE! And you all will certainly do too! GRIDE at OEF 2020!!!


The band GRIDE was established in March 1996 by a group of people enthusiastic about playing extreme music influenced by grindcore and hardcore. Since then, the band has performed vast number of concerts in Europe and had two tours in the USA. 

The current formation of Gride consists of: 

Čert: drums, back voc. 

David: guitar, back voc. 

Ivan: voc. 

Pajko: bass guitar,  back voc.


Release date Release name Media
2014 split 7“ w. ABORTION
2014 split 7“ flexi w. ZEMĚŽLUČ (insert in magazine Hlasatel)
2014 split 10“ w. SIDETRACKED
2013 split 6“ w. TURBOKRIEG
2011 Záškuby chaosu LP/CD CD, LP
2009 split 7"EP w. THEMA 11
2008 Horizont Událostí LP/CD CD, LP
2006 split 7" EP w. LYCANTHROPHY
2005 split 7" EP w. LAHAR -
2003 Tanec bláznů 12" one sided LP LP
2003 Discography 1996 CD
2001 Happy Birthday 7" EP EP
2000 split 7" EP w. COCROACH -
1999 split 12" LP w. MRTVÁ BUDOUCNOST
1998 split 7" EP w. LIES & DISTRUST -
1998 3 way split demo tape w. MALIGNANT TUMOUR and CEREBRAL TURBULENCY
1997 Green Illness DEMO
1997 split live tape w. INGROWING


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