More than 69 bands from all over the world!!! FREAK fest + FREAK shows + special Wednesday genre festival + more!!!

E-TICKET for OBSCENE EXTREME 2020 – order through this order form HERE. You will get a printed ticket directly on the Battlefield.

The purchased tickets cannot be returned. We don't sell daily tickets for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. One day ticket for Saturday will be sold at the entrance to the festival venue for 1500 CZK l 60 euro. 

Thank you for your understanding!!! 

PRINTED TICKETS for Obscene Extreme thru Obscene e-shop can be purchased as a part of bigger order, only with some other items (CD, LP, T-shirt etc.) and possible paypal or euro IBAN bank transfer: HERE.

The ticket price is including Obscene Extreme 2020 festival CD!!! You will get the CD at the entrance to the festival venue!!! The price is valid till December, 31 2019!!! 

We will send you the tickets in an email immediately upon the payment. ATTENTION!!! It is not necessary to print them. At the entrance to the festival area, you just show the ticket (PDF/bar code) on your mobile. If you cannot find the ticket in your email, check your spam folder please. If you have not received your ticket or you have another problem, write to 

You can pay by credit/debit card. The barcode number represents the ticket number. The barcode must not be damaged in any way. One person per one barcode will be admitted to the event. Do not copy the ticket!!! The admission will be granted to the person that presents the ticket first. Any subsequent attempts to present the same ticket or its copy with this code will be disregarded and the holder will be refused the entry. 


Young fans of extreme music at the OEF? We clearly say, yes!!! Just as last year, TEENAGER PASS that was a success will be again available this year. We are glad to welcome more young people at the OEF who can enjoy the atmosphere dissolving the musical boundaries and who can get to know an alternative to the mass culture... hitting them everywhere else.

OEF TEENAGER PASS is a ticket every visitor from the age of 14 until the day he or she reaches 19 years of age is entitled to get for a reduced price of 500,- CZK or 20 euro (Kids aged 0 - 14 years have still free entrance to OEF). Of course, every teenager will get a compilation CD together with every TEENAGER PASS which is valid for the whole festival.

We believe to please not only the teenage youth but also their parents. Come to enjoy the exclusive show of the fastest, the most brutal and the hardest music. Youth forward at the OEF!!!!  

TEENAGER PASS will be only available on-site
, at the OEF’s cash desk at Battlefield in Trutnov, upon submission of a proof of age.  

Obscene Extreme 1999 - 2020, thanx for your support!!!