FAILURE - I Can't Skate


Fastcore/power violence kapel není na Obscene Extreme Festivalu nikdy málo! Vítané a tradiční zpestření každého ročníku. Nejinak tomu bude i u italské mladé kapely FAILURE. Solidní porce rychlého fastcoru, šmrnclá tradičními power violence aspekty v podobě změn tempa, zasekávaček a neuvěřitelně rychlého střídání riffů.

Tohle bude pro fastcore i grind core fans opravdovou lahůdkou. Na kontě samostatný debutní sedmipalec a split desetipalec s kapelou podobného ražení Ona Snop z Anglie. FAILURE na OEF 2020!!!


Failure started in mid 2017 as a side project of Los and Steve from Ape Unit, who wanted to put togheter some songs of twisted fastcore/powerviolence stuff with some classic hardcore vibes; after recruiting Dave on guitar the band started writing their first 7”, which saw the light of day later that year. In the meantime, we embarked on a spree of gigs around Italy and the rest of Europe, having the chance to play with incredible bands on outstanding stages such as Fluff Fest and Go Fest, between the others. In 2019, after a not-so-hidden love story we released a split with Ona Snop from UK, and keep on playing around, being also part of ChimpyFest 2019 and Tinnitus Fastival, among other things. After a minitour in Germany we had a small line-up change as Dave decided to took part from the band. The band is actually writing new material for an upcoming release coming out in the first half on 2020, hopefully just before the first full european tour that will head to OEF!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2020 Hit Mania Violence compilation (12”)
2019 Split with Ona Snop (10”)
2017 S/T (7”)


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