ABU GHRAIB Australia

ABU GHRAIB - Silent Beheading


Tahle australská nová mladá grind core kometa by se mohla stát synonymem pro termín „opravdu rychlý grind core“. Sami sebe označují za nejrychlejší kapelu australské scény a po poslechu jejich nahrávek to musíme uznat.

A šanci vás o tom přesvědčit, dostanou právě na Obscene Extreme Festivalu 2020! Grind maniaci přivítejte v line-upu pro příští rok ABU GHRAIB!!!


Formed in 2018 Abu Ghraib are a 3 piece Torture Death Grind band based in Melbourne, discharging uncompromisingly brutal and violently fast aural obscenities like an open sore that refuses to heal.

Hailed as the fastest band in Melbourne, their live shows are an energetic fast paced sweat and beer soaked assault unlike anything you've seen before.  Something you must to experience to fully comprehend!

The brutal complexity of head grindingly groovy riffs layered with as many blast beats that most humans can withstand is topped off by a vocalist that eats nails for breakfast and chews shrapnel like it's jerky, indisindiscriminately spitting it like venomous lava at unsuspecting victims.

In less than 2 years, Abu Ghraib have torn the scene a new arsehole, fresh blood playing old school shit that will satisfy even the most die hard fans. New EP "Enhanced Torture Techniques" is out now, and with some of the sickest merch you'll find anywhere, AxGx is a band you don't want to sleep on.

Do a stint in Abu Ghraib and become a prisoner!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2019 The Torture Demos EP
2019 Enhanced Torture Techniques EP
2018 Stress Position
2018 Article 33


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