VOMIT REMNANTS - Putrefying Dead Flesh


VOMIT REMNANTS, the first ever Japanese band to perform at OEF, are hurtling back after an unbelievable 20 years! Although they have only 2 full-length albums under their belt, you better believe that they can unleash truly brutal, groovy hell! Japanese brutal death metal tornado, VOMIT REMNANTS, have been through line-up changes, total disintegration and subsequent reincarnation several times since its inception in 1997.

Keisuke, the boss behind the drums, is certainly one of the most likeable creatures in the extreme scene and will once again return with his Vomitors to Obscene's red mud! Some of you lucky bastards may have already seen their set in Trutnov in 2000!!! We are looking forward to their return and their wild samurai set!!!


VOMIT REMNANTS  formed as the Japanese torchbearer of New York style death metal in 1997. Their demo tape became the topic of great interest between traders and fanzines.

They appeared at Ohio deathfest back in 1999 sporting their debut album"Supreme entity". Shortly after they performed a European tour the following year then carried out a tour of America to promote their EP"Indefensible vehemence" in 2001. However this string of tours and releases came to an end as the band officially broke up

Not all was lost as time went on when drummer Keisuke Tsuboi of the original lineup formed the band again in 2004 making their revival appearance at Maryland Deathfest that year. The band quickly went on to play further international tours in Europe and other activities until they broke up again in 2008.

However back from the dead once again in 2016 with a contract from Unique leader records, they delivered "Hyper groove brutality". Following this they further made tours across multiple regions such as the United States, Russia and Southeastern Asia.


Toshiyasu Kusayanagi (Vocal)

Kei Ishida (Guitar & Vocal)

Shinnosuke Suzuki (Bass)

Keisuke Tsuboi (Drums)


Release date Release name Media
2018 Grooving Back to Live-Live album
2018 Final Groove Brutality 2017-Video
2017 From Death Till Groove CD
2017 Hyper Groove Brutality-Full length
2017 Collecting the Remnants CD
2005 Promo 2005 DEMO
2005 Supreme Vehemence (Discography '05) CD
2005 Vomit Remnants / Godless Truth / Carnivorous-Split
2004 2004 Promo DEMO
2004 Get Drunk or Die Trying: Premature Burial Tour Vol.1-Split
2001 Indefensible Vehemence EP
1999 Supreme Entity-Full length
1998 Brutally Violated DEMO
1998 In the Name of Vomit / Brutally Violated CD
1997 In the Name of Vomit DEMO


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