TERVEET KÄDET - Puolentunnin helvetti


This legendary band from the land of thousand lakes started its journey in 1980 and has since influenced bands and musicians around the world!!! Yes, it's none other than the Lappish madmen from Tornio, TERVEET KÄDET!!! The band’s line up has chopped and changed around the only original member, singer Läjä, going through separations and reunions and trying a lot of different musicians along the way. Yet somehow, they have still managed to turn out a huge number of albums and various other recordings!!! 

Today the band only plays sporadically, which is why it is exceptional that they will be performing at OEF 2020!!! Furious speed, harsh vocals, Finnish hardcore punk ... do you really need to hear more???!!! TERVEET KÄDET at OEF 2020!!!


Terveet Kädet (/ Lapin Helvetti)

At the moment we play Terveet Kädet gigs with the same band members as in Lapin Helvetti. Läjä, vocal, is the original Terveet Kädet member since 1979 or so. I (Lene) have been playing since 1990 (i had couple of breaks oct 1998 – jun 2000 and jul 2011 – oct 2015), i have played bass, guitar and drums in the band, now i’m in bass again. Ilari, guitar, has been playing in TK since 2006 (if remember it right). Samppa joined in TK via Lapin Helvetti assignment coupöe of years ago.

So current line-up for Terveet Kädet is:

Läjä (Veli-Matti Äijälä): vocal
Lene (Markku Leinonen): bass
Ilari (Ilari Kinnunen): guitar
Samppa (Samu-Severi Kinnunen): drums

Currently TK is in sort of idle. But we got somewhat exited about gigs, so maybe some new material is coming too (even in the spring of 2020) and are planning to do more gigs to get in the mood again.

Lapin Helvetti is planning a new record, will be released maybe in the autumn 2020.


Release date Release name Media
2019 TK Pop 1980-1989 ( CD, LP
2016 UGH!!! Terveet Kädet elävänä CD, LP
2015 Lapin helvetti CD, LP
2012 Musta hetki CD, LP
2012 UGH!!! Terveet Kädet elävänä CD, LP
2009 Ihmisen poika, pedon poika CD
2007 Ääretön Propaganda EP, LP
2006 Pissaa ja paskaa CD
2002 Onnellisia Kytkentöjä 1980-2000 CD
2002 Deep Wounds CD
2000 Non Ultra Descriptica CD
1999 The Ultimate Pain CD
1999 Ääretön Propaganda CD
1998 Leather Enslavement LP
1997 Doomed Alien Race CD
1996 Hardcore Brutality CD
1996 Kumia Ja Verta - 1987 Kokoelma CD
1995 Pahan voima
1995 Bondage And Anguished Life
1995 Sign of the cross CD
1994 The Horse
1992 Bizarre Domination
1991 Six Song
1991 Slow Promotion
1990 Unkind
1990 Message
1989 Anno Domini
1989 Live Kemi 1982
1988 Oma koloni
1985 The Horse LP
1984 Black God LP
1984 Knock-out
1984 Yalta Hi-Life LP
1983 Kädet Suojelee
1983 Terveet Kädet LP
1983 Halloween ( LP
1982 Ääretön joulu
1981 II
1980 Rock laahausta vastaan


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