KLUVIM - Ben Shel Melech Met


Israeli grind core. I’m sure this expression alone must make your ears prick up and make you intrigued enough to give the band, KLUVIM, a listen. The Israeli grind core scene is not that well-known, which means we can’t but help making some exotic associations in connection with this band. No need to worry though, this four-piece knows the rules of the game.

Reverberating blasts slowly transition into almost sludge passages then smash into brutal, fast shredding in an instant. Moreover, KLUVIM know our home country well thanks to their summer tour that passed through the green fields of Czechia. Welcome KLUVIM to Obscene Extreme Festival 2020!!!


KLUVIM (in hebrew; Cages) is a grindcore unit based in Haifa, Israel. Formed in late 2017 this gang of four prominant members of the local punk community is a relentless force to be reckoned with within the underground scene. Their sonic assault is crafted with elements of grindcore, powerviolence, sludge and hardcore punk, plawing the fields of any genre that comes their way. In late 2018 the band released their debut effort 'Lo Yikre' (hebrew for 'Ain't Gonna Happen') followed by an EU tour an in a blitzkrieg fashion the quartet started laying tracks for their next release 'Melech Met' right after their return. This effort presented a broader yet more focused sound to the band, an exploration of new soundfields and ways to confront the oozing despair and anger towards the post-modern issues of society and the constant conflict in their homeland.


Release date Release name Media
2019 Melech Met EP
2019 Machine Music's Milim Kashot Comp
2019 Shalosh Cult's Year Zero Comp
2018 Lo Yikre EP


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