INFESTATION - 993 Missed Calls


The Lithuanian group, grinding its heavy-duty slam, has been officially around since 2014 (dated back from the release of its first EP "Šlykštynė").  Unofficially though, these guys have been crushing it for even a bit longer.  They themselves say they are not afraid to experiment and can go from heavy-duty slamming rhythms, that are noticeably their foundations, to death or all the way to black metal or punk!!!

Two EPs, one a full-length album and lots of promo material indicate that the Baltic killers work hard and play even harder!!! So, let's welcome them together on the OEF's boards!!!


Infestation isa Slamming Brutal Death Metal band with Goregrind / Blackened / Punk elements. The band was formed in 2014 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The debut was follwed by a demo record "Šlykštynė", which featured in "5 Ways of a flesh Feast" split by "Lower budget records". Several months later, EP "Ką Pasėjai Tą ir Pjausi, Ką Papjovei Už Tą ir Sėsi" was released. The band started playing more live shows, went on a mini "Cannibaltic" tour with "Viscera Trail" (ISR) and began their work on the first full-length album. At that particular time members of the band decided to turn away from old school brutal death metal sound and focus on slam. "Social Cannibalism" was released in 2017 by "Rotten Roll Rex" in Germany. The album was mostly about toxic human relationships and other social problems. Infestation continued on live shows including festivals like "Flesh Party", "UK Slam Fest" or "In'Feast". In 2018 the band completely revisited their first EP, rewriting and rerecording it to reflect band's current musical style. This resulted in a new EP "Perversion", which featured in a "3 Way Split" with "Bowel Eruption" (MEX) and "Organ Grinder" (FIN). The split was released in Mexico by two labels: "Gore Cannibal Records" & "Death Penalty Records". On the same year, Infestation recorded "Exhumed - As Hammer To Anvil" cover featuring a local Black 'n' Roll band "Regressive". The band currently is working on a new full-length album.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Perversion EP
2018 As Hammer To Anvil - Exhumed cover/collaboration
2017 Social Cannibalism - Full-length album
2014 Šlykštynė DEMO
2014 Ką Pasėjai Tą ir Pjausi Ką Papjovei Už Tą Ir Sėsi EP


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