FLESH GRINDER - Aroma Of An Open Gall Bladder


There are many great bands, of all genres, to be proud of in the South American continent. Standing tall among them are these goregrind veterans who have been punishing the scene since 1993.

Originally old school gore in the style of bands like Carcass or Exhumed, these gentlemen have mutated to produce a death metal sound and grindcore speed, but retained their lingering smell of the rotten putrescent flesh so fundamental to good old goregrind. So, get ready for a really sick show from this Brazilian pack named FLESH GRINDER!!!


The band Flesh Grinder emerged in 1993 as a project heavily influenced by the Death Metal and Grind of the 1990s as Carcass, Bolt Thrower, General Surgery, Dismember, Napalm Death and Morbid Angel.

In 94 he released his first work and molds his sound like a death metal with pathological lyrics. Over the years he flirts with grind-core and grindgore and starts working on themes such as horror gore movies and books.

With the release of the album NOMINA ANATOMICA the band returns to their Death Metal with pathological lyrics and came back more strongly the compositions and gigs. The lyrics are now devoted to studying the techniques of autopsy, the icons of forensic anatomy and the criminalist.

Over the years the band has been creating partnerships to release their material over the world and do various gigs across South America and Europe.

Today Flesh Grinder is:

Fábio Görresen - guitar and vocals

Rogério Murar - Bass and Vocal

Daniel Henriques - Drums

Felipe Fritz - Guitar

And now is following its death metal roots and working on new releases in partnership with Black Hole Prods.


Release date Release name Media
2017 Flesh Grinder - Purge Split 7ep EP
2016 Nomina Anatomica CD
2013 Necrofiles 7ep EP
2010 Two Repulsive Eyes - Split
2009 Flesh Grinder - Squash Bowels - Split CD
2008 Crumb's Crunchy Delights Organization CD
2008 Carn Morta - Unsatisfactory Doctors Report - Split
2005 Coroner's Inquest Suit CD
2001 Libido Corprosis CD
2000 Splatter CD
2000 From Rotten Process CD
1997 Anatomy and Surgery CD
1993 Rotten Process


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