DESALMADO - Your God Your Dictator


Brazil. From this country, promised to football, samba and all possible variations of extreme rumble, let's welcome another representative, DESALMADO!!! A great portion of really extreme pissed off death/grind, exactly as only South Americans can do it. But DESALMADO is not only about extreme, but also about excellent musicianship and this combination is absolutely explosive!!!

This foursome, founded in 2004 in Sao Paulo, has played a lot of live shows, not only on the South American continent but also in Europe, and of course a they have lot of recordings, dominated by their latest album "Mass Mental Devolution". 100% commitment!!! Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to hurt!!!


Desalmado is one of the main and most active bands in the extreme music scene in Brazil. The band started their activities in 2004, in the city of São Paulo, having performed hundreds of concerts and many festivals all over Brazil and Europe. From a lyrical perspective, the songs are about subjects such as political and social issues, and reflections upon human nature.

In 2018, Desalmado released 'Save Us From Ourselves', the band's most important album so far. The album was well received by the fans and critics in Brazil and abroad. The band did over 100 shows in Brazil and Europe to support the album release, playing in festivals such as Abril Pro Rock, Overload, and Bardoada (Portugal). Desalmado shared the stage with legendary names in extreme music, such as Krisiun, Obituary, Entombed and Ratos de Porão.

On October 8, 2021, Desalmado will put out their seventh official release, the LP 'Mass Mental Devolution'. Recorded at Family Mob Studio, the album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Hugo Silva, who is also responsible for producing their latest three releases. The digital distribution of 'Mass Mental Devolution' will be carried out worldwide bythe European label Blood Blast. The physical versions in Brazil and Latin America will be held by Xaninho Discos and Sana Maior Records. In Europe, it will be released on cassette tape and CD with bonus tracks by Gruesome Records.

For the year 2022, Desalmado plans to tour Europe, Latin America, and Brazil to promote 'Mass Mental Devolution'.

Line up:
Caio Augusttus (Vocals)
Estevam Romera (Guitars)
Bruno Teixeira (Bass)
Ricardo Nutzmann (Drums)


Release date Release name Media
2021 Mass Mental Devolution
2020 Rebelião
2018 Save Us From Ourselves
2016 In Grind We Trust
2014 Estado Escravo
2012 Desalmado
2008 Hereditas


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