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BEGGAR - Nine Atmospheres


British band BEGGAR is set to provide some heavy-duty stoner sludge metal refreshment for genre Wednesday. Rough, dense tunes loaded with ideas, melodies and riffs. BEGGAR's production is easy to listen to and perfectly performed.

And, if you listen carefully to their latest EP titled "Chainscraper", you may find a doom/sludge version of Rage Against the Machine, however, you’ll have to filter out the typical coarse metal sound to do so. Don't miss them at OEF 2020!!!


London-based four-piece Beggar propound a kind of sludge-meets-extreme-metal carnival of riffs, blasts, fury and anguish.

Comprised of Charlie Davis (vocals/bass), Abraham Whitworth (guitars), Jake Leyland (guitars/vocals) and Bertrand Sautier (drums, formerly of French deathgrind outfit Sedative), Beggar have shared stages with the likes of Eyehategod, Slabdragger, Elephant Tree and The Obsessed.

Originally founded in Bristol in 2011 as a means of melding big stoner grooves with a blackened outlook and mode of expression, these guys have honed their voice over a series of EPs into something that might defy categorisation altogether.

Impossible to fit within the ‘stoner’ bracket, their sound nonetheless nods to the huge monoliths of tone that such a tag implies. More multi-faceted than the death metal or hardcore genres would allow, this lot still use the sheer brutality and visceral dynamics of those styles as their primary means of propulsion.

Across their whole palette Beggar absorb post-metal at its heaviest and most darkly psychedelic, grunge and stoner at the heady peak of their lush melodicism, and death metal and grind’s berserk kinetics and manic belligerence – all with the pure heft and nihilistic bluster of sludge.

Beggar’s debut album, Compelled to Repeat, recorded with Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse, London, is released in April 2020 on APF Records.


Release date Release name Media
2020 Compelled to Repeat LP
2019 Nine Atmospheres
2017 Chainscraper EP
2016 Caramel Cigarette EP
2015 Shingles + House of Man EP
2015 Shingles + House of Man EP


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