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Another band for the OEF 2020 are the grindcore blasphemers, BAIXO CALÃO!!! This crazy five-piece band from Brazilian Amazonia was formed in Belém do Pará in 1996, back then as an uncompromising hardcore squad. Very soon they found that this music did not fully capture their anger and hatred towards the shit and hypocrisy that had surrounded them and changed their style to a merciless grindcore assault with hateful lyrics at a truly toxic pace!!!

BAIXO CALÃO has so far released only two albums bringing blasphemy and their towering rage to the full extent!!! Their show is damn great and some may still remember their OEF show in 2012!!! Here they are once again!!! BAIXO CALÃO!!!


The band Baixo Calão was formed in mid-1996 in the city of Belém do Pará. The band made a hardcore punk sound. Only in 2003 releases its first Homo Postumus demo, with more Crust-Grind footprints. Then one more vocal (Beto Core) is added to cd-r Repudiation and Disbelief (2004); participates in the "Desgraçacore" compilation (Seal Ná music) cd and the "Burning Forrest" tape compilation, 2006.

In 2008, he released his first Official Cd Tu Crias (independent), having five members: Leandro (vocals), Beto Core (vocals), Vinícius (guitar), A. Felipe (bass) and William (drummer).
With the change of guitarist now the band has Danilo (Warpath), and with support from Distro Rock (PA) and HC-80 (Campinas-SP), the band released the Debut-CD entitled Atmo Mediokra (2012). With this recent release the band took the opportunity to do a European tour in July 2012. ATMO MEDIOKRA EUROPEAN TOUR toured eight countries, touring the OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL (2012) which takes place in the Czech Republic, dividing the stage with bands like Yacopsae, Discharge, Nasum, Gutalax, Sakata, among others.

From 2012 onwards, who assumes the bass is Márcio Oldman. In 2013 comes in Lp Vinyl 12 inches the GRINDAGNOSTICORE, split LOW CALÃO / MURUROA (CZR), released in the Czech Republic, and in several countries. In 2014 is released in Russia, Germany, France and USA the vinyl, split EP 10 ”LOW CALÃO / SRAM (RU).

Participates in the 4WAY LIVE GRINDCORE Split Tape with the bands ACADEMIC WORMS / OBITTO / SHITFUN / LOW CALÃO (with the live taken from the OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 performance); participates in the CD BRAZILIAN TRIBUTE AGATHOCLES. In 2015 participates in the split 3WAY on CD with the bands VIJOLENZA / BAIXO CALÃO / SLAG.
2018 was the year of reformulations in the band, which focused on the production of their next album, and their new vocals line-up along with Porcko enters Monise to take the place of Beto Core.

In October 2018 was released the Tape Split 3way LOW CALÃO / CHIKARA (Bosnia) / MASISI (Chile), by the label Noise Putrido (Chile) The band is still waiting for the national release of NASUM - A BRAZILIAN TRIBUTE, in which they participate with the songs. BLIND WOLRD / SCARECROWS.
In December 2018 they played at the Psica Festival (BRA) alongside Rats Hold and Extreme Noise Terror (UK).

In July 2019 they released their new album entitled NECROLOGIO by several labels from Brazil, Canada, USA, and Mexico. And get ready for the European tour to promote the new album.


Release date Release name Media
2018 BAIXO CALÃO X Chikara (Bosnia) X Masisi (Chile) – Tape
2017 Agathocles A Brazilian Tribute
2016 BAIXO CALÃO x SLAG x Vjolenza
2014 BAIXO CALÃO x Sram (RUSSIA) EP Vinyl 10” EP
2013 Muroroa (CZ) - Danse Macabre – BAIXO CALÃO - Grindiagnosticore – Lp 12” Vinyl ( LP
2013 4way Live Grindcore Tape


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