AÇÃO DIRETA - World Freak Show


This Brazilian pack called AÇÃO DIRETA can, with a clear conscience, be placed alongside other South American hardcore/punk legends such as Ratos de Porão, Agrotoxico or Armagedom. The inception of this band dates back to almost unbeliavable year of 1987!!!

Still active and still aggressive hardcore/punk with, as for Brazilians, a necessary pinch of metal/thrash. In addition, a new recording is being planned  for the end of 2019. Brazilian hardcore/metal storm at Obscene Extreme Festival 2020!!!


AÇÃO DIRETA ( 1987-2019)

On the road for three decades, since 1987, AÇÃO DIRETA  from Sao Bernardo do Campo , a city in an industrial region of the State of Sao Paulo known as ABC Paulista.

Always very active, the foursome has built a history of attitude, persistence and integrity with heavy music, constantly treading the path of independence.

Ação Direta has eight official albums and has toured Europe four times (in 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2004) passing through countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. The band has also done a mini tour of Argentina in 1996 and performed in many memorable shows throughout the Brazilian territory.

Ação Direta has already shared the stage with renowned names and influences like  Ratos de Porão (Brazil)  D.R.I. (USA),  Krisiun

(Brazil), Agnostic Front (USA), Cripple Bastards (Italy), Riistetyt (Finland), Sepultura (Brazil), Discharge (UK), Contrasto (Italy), Seen Red (Holland), Cólera (Brazil), 999 (UK), Cavalera Conspiracy (Brazil), The Lurkers (UK), Nação Zumbi (Brazil), Asesino (USA), MDC (USA), Varukers (UK), Korzus (Brazil) , Napalm Death (UK), Garotos Podres (Brazil), CJ Ramone (USA), Makiladoras ( Holland), Shikari (Holland) Raimundos (Brazil), Rattus (Finland), Dew Scented (Germany), Hard Ons (Australia), Força Macabra (Finland), The Exploited (UK),and among others.

Highly respected in the independent scene, the band is still on the road, celebratingthree decades of activity and the release of its ninth(9th ) full-length album.

During the months of May, June, and July 2019 the bandworked hard recording new album Na Cruz da Exclusão (On The Cross of Exclusion), now launching in Digipack CD format in Brazil and worldwide through streaming.

Ação Direta stands out with the energy of their live performancesand furious Hardcore Metal fusion, with  Crust and Grind influence, contemporary themes such as human behavior, environment, existentialism, social inequality, religious conflict, themilitary, contemporary fascism,women’s rights and human rights violations.

Gepeto –Vocals

Marcão – Drums

Galo – Bass/Vocals

ST Dennis – Guitar


Release date Release name Media
2019 Na Cruz da Exclusão CD
2012 World Freak Show CD
2011 Ratomaniax (Tribute to Ratos de Porão- Crocodilla) CD
2010 Tribute to Discharge ( Look at tomorrow/Deserve me) CD
2006 Massacre Humano CD
2004 Bonus track+ Breed to breathe*Napalm Death and Crocodilla* Ratos de Porão. 7” EP
2004 Split with In The Shit & Ação Direta 2 songs CD
2003 Revolta Repudio Confronto Resistência CD, LP
2002 Tribute to Garotos Podres ( Garoto podre ) CD
2001 Split Contrasto( Italy )& Ação Direta( Dead Heading* Wolfpack) 7” EP
2001 Split Shikari & Ação Direta 7” EP
2001 Tribute to Ação Direta ( 23 Brazilian Bands ) CD
2000 Risotto Bombs – Live In Slovenia CD
2000 Tribute to Rattus – Sodan Tragedia(Tragedy of war) CD
1999 Intervenção CD, LP
1999 Tribute to Olho Seco - Nada CD
1997 Entre a Benção e o Caos CD, LP
1996 Vira Lata ( Tribute to Cólera – Amnésia ) CD
1996 Traidô (Tribute to Ratos de Porão – Asas da Vingança) CD
1994 Baseado em Fatos Reais CD, LP
1991 Resistirei LP and CD with demo tape bonus CD, LP, MC (TAPE)
1988 Temos que Agir (demo tape)


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