FECAL ADDICTION - Bottles, Shit and Sunny day


From distant, exotic, Central American Costa Rica, fecal lava is dashing in ready to taint all that comes its way with a brown cloud!!! These fellows hailing from the land of volcanos are prepared to erupt into your body cavities with the help of glowing gore grind with a burnt taste of slam and believe us their craters are full to the edge.

Their first visit to OEF, and the first visit to Europe in general, has been sealed. The gentlemen of FECAL ADDICTION are confirmed for the OEF 2019!!!


Fecal Addiciton was born in the middle of the year 2006 with Roberto Vargas (vocals) as founder of the band alongside 4 other friends, with a gore grind direction they perform for the first time live in the “Craneo Gore Noise 1” in 2007, after that first show the band’s lineup changes and Roberto  “Fecal Master” Vargas remains as the sole member of the band as a one  man band.

During many years the band kept the one man band concept and was dedicated only to produce and record as a studio project, during that time Fecal Addiction released 3 splits (: A Perverted Scatslut (2011) with the Indonesian band Daging Busuk, Addicted to the Toilet Pleasures (2012) with the Mexican band Fecalizer and 3 ways to Grind tour Head (2013) with the Mexican bands, Ripping Organs and Cerebral Crusher.

At the beginning of 2012 Fecal Master decides to return the band to its original idea and start to define the SLAMMING GROOVY GRIND GORE as the band’s genre, implementing influences from various genres to accomplish their unique and differentiated sound, in htat moment Stefano “Fano” Delgrano (Guitar and vocals), Carlos “Charly” Castro (Guitar/vocals) and Jorge “Coco” Castro (bass) join the band and the foundation of the band was completed.

In 2013 they recorded their EP “Toilet Fetishism” which was widely accepted by the public and critic and thanks to that they recorded their first official video for the song “Fecal Addiction” which aired on national television, it meant a big step up for the band and a great chance to show cast the band to a broader audience. At the beginning of 2014 they managed to get their first international tour called “Shitting in Mexico” with 5 dates on different Mexican states, leaving a great impression on their public.

Besides the Mexican tour, they appeared on the official DEAD INFECTION tribute, released yet another split with the band Cerebral Crusher called “Chronic Mental Diarrhea” and they were included also on the compilation called “Canta Grind” by the Mexican label NxLxBxCx.

For 2015 Charly and Coco decided to leave the band leaving only Fano and Fecal Master as active members of the band, and then they decided that it was time to get in to the studio to record their second EP “Engorged with human waste”, which was released by the Spanish label Base Record Production, and thanks to this release the band lands their second Mexican tour, for said tour Charlie Noise joins as a Live bass player, as they would appear on one of the biggest and most important festivals in Latin American, the Mexican Gore Grind Masters Open Air.

For 2017 the band records their first full length called “Jenkem” and they started their JENKEM TOUR, which spread through countries such Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, and soon Europe.

The band current line up is:

Rob “Fecal Master” Vargas - Drums
Stefano “Fano” Delgrano - Guitars/vocals
Emilio “Milo” Fernandez - Bass/backing vocals


Release date Release name Media
2017 Jenkem
2016 Engorged With Human Waste
2014 Chronic Mental Diarrhea CD
2013 Toilet Fetishism EP
2013 3 Ways To Grind Your Head CD, MC (TAPE)
2012 Addicted to the Toilet Pleassures MC (TAPE)
2011 A Perverted Scatslut DOWNLOAD


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Ivan 25.01.2017 05:56

I love this fucking band.