DROPDEAD United States

DROPDEAD - Harvest


Holy tofu!!! Fast & angry, old & with no compromise. A band which influenced sooo many other ones. Fast thrashy crust / hardcore tornado in your face! Get ready for the one of the most intensive live sets at Obscene Extreme America this year! Believe us, DROPDEAD still have something to say!!!


Dropdead formed officially in January of 1991 in Providence RI. Having met in 1989, playing music together for a year before a lineup change saw Bob and Ben switch instruments, a name change, and a great increase in speed and intensity. The idea was to play pissed off, aggressive, no bullshit HC/Punk with personally political lyrics. Musically the influences drew from bands as diverse as Confuse, Siege, Larm, Crass, Swans, Infest, SSD, Pandemonium, Icons of Filth, Gauze, Septic Death, Discharge, Anti-Cimex etc. The first show happening within a few months, April of 1991 with Born Aginst and Rorschach. From then on no looking back. The band started and continues with a strong "Do It Yourself" work ethic, booking their own shows and releasing their own records. Over the years Dropdead has played hundreds of shows, recorded two LP's, some splits and EP's, toured the  USA and Europe numerous times, as well as Australia and Japan. 24 years of Political No Bullshit Hardcore Thrash!


Release date Release name Media
2015 Dropdead / Brainoil split EP
2015 Dropdead / Unholy Grave split EP
2013 Dropdead / Systematic Death split EP
2013 Dropdead / Ruidosa Inmundicia split EP
2011 Dropdead / Converge split EP
2004 Dropdead / Look Back and Laugh - split 7"
2003 Dropdead / Unholy Grave - split 7"
2002 Dropdead / Totalitar split EP
1998 Dropdead - Live in Wermelskirchen Germany 1998
1998 Dropdead "Self Tutled" LP
1996 Dropdead "Hostile" EP
1994 Dropdead "Discography 1992-1993"
1993 Dropdead "Self Titled" LP
1993 Dropdead / Crossed Out split EP
1993 Dropdead / Rupture split EP
1992 Dropdead "Self Titled" EP


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