OBSCENE EXTREME 2020 has been moved to July 2021!!!

The fears of the last few days have come true and we must announce what many of you may have foreseen. 

Although it is hard to believe, this year we will not meet at the Battlefield for the traditional July revelries. Due to the obvious circumstances surrounding us, we are forced to move OBSCENE EXTREME 2020 to 2021. We did not want to write such a message as much as you do not want to read it, but we, though it is hard to accept, consider it the only possible solution in this situation.

The biggest concerns impacting our decision came from the bands that we had lined up for OEF 2020 themselves. Most of them have already had to cancel their tours or cannot even leave their country for several months (Australia, for example) and are asking us to move the fest to 2021. This, together with fact that the borders are still closed, was the final nail in the coffin. We just could not bring ourselves to run a watered-down version of OEF without our foreign bands and fans. I mean, what kind of OEF would it be if you could not meet fellow maniacs from all over the world? This would be against the entire Obscene Extreme festival concept we all have been building together since 1999.
Both for us and for many of you this is a very complicated time through which we will all strive to get through quickly and safely, and we firmly believe that we will meet you all in good health and great mood at the Battlefield next year.

As has already been announced, it will be very helpful if you keep the ticket for this year so you can use it next year! And what about the tickets? If you have a printed ticket, come to the Battlefield next year. No need to exchange the tickets. VIP camping, parking and lockerbox vouchers will also remain valid for next year. Vouchers (electronic tickets) will be sent to you by email in a few weeks. If you cannot keep your ticket or vouchers and want to return them, please email us more details: where you bought the ticket, how much you bought it for, your account number, and we will try to resolve your request as soon as possible. Try to rebook your hotels and guesthouses.

Our plan for OEF 2021 is absolutely clear - we will try to keep the maximum number of bands from this year and, only in emergency, to search for adequate substitutes!!! Most bands have already confirmed their attendance in 2021. We will give you more accurate information over the next few weeks.

Make a note of this date for the next year:
14.-18. July 2021
Trutnov - Na Bojišti

Try to take care of yourself and your loved ones as best as you can and we will be happy to see you all at the Battlefield in 2021!!!

Stay Home! Stay Safe! Stay Obscene!

Obscene Extreme Crew