Cyjan!!! Losing a friend is never easy.

Cyjan has been my friend not only since the early days of Obscene Extreme but for so much longer... I can’t even remember when we met for the first time, maybe it was sometime in 1993 in Germany? 

I do remember that DEAD INFECTION's music impacted me like a bomb. It was just the grind smash I was looking for at the time! 

Their ‘A Chapter of Accidents’ album is an absolute cult classic and if you want to honour the big boy, just put this record on. I'm really happy that I was able to release DEAD INFECTION's recordings and that Cyjan and I could meet countless times on tour (including the epic Grind Over Europe where we drank like hell, this event remains legendary to this day), at festivals and at concerts all around the world. I’m also blessed to have had the opportunity to go to Bialystok and meet him in his hometown and that DEAD INFECTION chose to play at Obscene Extreme, and not just the once. We shared incredible laughs together so many times and these memories will always remain with me.

Thanks my friend, for everything!!! Dziękuję Maestro, dziękuję bardzo!!!