FREAK fest... If The Kids Are United!!!

This year, once again, we will open every racoon trash porn lover's favourite festival with our freakshow - the brown highlight of world  sporting events, closely followed by the legendary timed sea cucumber tugging. So what can you look forward to this year? 

Popular evergreen will again be the yellow riders of the apocalyptic wall of death.Will we find daredevils who will become the crew of our mixed refus wheelie bins?


Next your mucus membranes, top and bottom ones too, will be tortured in our chilli contest. Dishes more scorching hot than your grandma's knickers. And if your capsaicin-charred skin hasn't left your backsides by then, you can try a round of the SM challenge, where you can expect whipping with all things possible and impossible. But have no fear, it won't be a mackerel. It'll just cheer in the audience.

Real test of strength and balance will be the giant ear scratch fights - yes, start collecting earwax now to make it slide well. We will conclude the show with salt water downing. Who will win? He or she who can projectile vomit through their nose, mouth or the trunk of their gasmask the farthest.


                                                                                                                              So oil up your butts, champions, this ride is about to begin!!!