In 2015, at an altitude of 1045 meters above sea level and 5 meters under the ground, in a 100-year old cellar of the former Tippelt`s hut in Malá Úpa, we began to brew the beer for the mountaineers. This is the beginning of our story about the Trautenberk Brewery. Just stop by to have a try!

Trautenberk 10 Summer Ale

Summer ALE, top fermented beer of deep gold color, brewed from barley malt and three hop variety. It´s refreshing taste strengthens the pleasant bitterness and delicate aroma of blueberries and blackberies. Low alcohol content (4,1%).

Trautenberk 11

Bottom fermented lager of light golden color with a fine hops scent, medium-body and longer bitter aftertaste. The beer is brewed from three malt varieties in a traditional two-mash way, hop is added "three times". Trautenberk 11 is characterized by a marked sharpness, a white creamy head and, above all, a great taste.

Trautenberk 13

A bottom fermented amber special with the addition of caramel malts, which give the beer its garnet red color. Caramel also appears in full flavor, supplemented with pleasant bitterness. Trautenberk 13° is made from four malts and a combination of three Czech hops.

Trautenberk 14 

APA is a top fermented American Pale Ale. The first flavor is malty, then goes into intense but non-astringent bitterness with long-lasting aftertaste. The deep gold beer is made of three malts and a combination of four American hops.

All beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised, store in cool place.