Birth of a legend. Beer in Pilsen used to be brewed alternately by individual burghers with brewing rights. The quality varied, so the burghers of Pilsen had the idea of setting up their own brewery to make good beer. On 5th October 1842 in the new Burghers’ Brewery the brewer Josef Groll brewed the first batch of the new Pilsen beer that would soon conquer the world.

Enjoy the original taste of the Czech national treasure.

In October 1842, the brewmaster Josef Groll crafted a beer which was quite different from the brews common in Pilsen at that time. They were made in different ways, usually as top-fermented beers, and their quality was inconsistent. Josef Groll employed his knowledge of brewing bottom-fermented lagers. He used yeast that works at temperatures of around 10 ˚C (bottom fermentation) and then let the brew mature for thirty days, which is why it is called ‘lager’.

The unique combination of Czech ingredients, local soft water and a new recipe resulted in a beverage that was to change the world in the years to follow. Word quickly spread beyond the borders of Pilsen that there was a new type of top-quality beer featuring a golden colour and great, full-bodied taste. Pilsner Urquell lager started to conquer country after country and the name ‘Pils’ came to identify a whole beer category, which nowadays makes up 70 % of worldwide beer production.

Pilsner Urquell lager

Savour the original taste of this Czech national treasure.

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