Mordýř - The Murderer Brewery - History and presence!!!

We have always loved beer. With a gradual disgust at the universal taste of many of today's beers, we were switching to homebrewing bit by bit and eventually the idea of ​​sharing tasty beer with the public came up.ýř-563626057021976/

We established a brewery in March 2013 and started three months later. The brewery was built as a DYI project, with enthusiasm and determination, and no subsidies or other similar dirty tricks were used for its building. We brew traditionally in a domestic way from Czech ingredients but occasionally you can also taste beer from foreign hops for example. The response to this variety is very positive, and so people who do not drink standard beer find their way to us too. We will definitely continue like this.

Beer is not pasteurized, filtered nor stabilized and no chemical agents are used in the production process. Mild sediment or turbidity is not a defect, some connoisseurs even require it, in any case it is a beer rich in both minerals and vitamins.

However, it is necessary to store it in a cool place or not to store it at all, but look at the bottom right away.


The old Mrs Macháčková and her cousin ​​have already praised us twice, otherwise nothing at all.

MORDÝŘ (Cutthroat) pale ale 11%

Czech classic. Pleasantly golden in colour, rich in hop bitterness and full of flavour. The Czech hops called Sládek and Žatecký Červeňák used. Brewed from three types of malt. Grade 11.5%

KURTIZANA (Courtesan) (pale ale 13%) 

Top-fermented amber beer and citrus fragrance, which comes from foreign hops, that are really not skimped on. POLARIS, SUMMIT and CITRA hops used.

SMOKED AMBER ALE 13% (with smoked malt)

Top-fermented beer, brewed from four types of malts including so-called smoked malt. (Cold smoke either from peat or oak goes through malt during desiccation) This is a mere addition that we consider a pleasant compromise. Grade 13.8%. Dark ruby ​​colour. Cold hopping Columbus.


A favourite light colour seasonal ale with a slight turbidity thanks to the addition of wheat malt. Very refreshing. Polaris, Equinox, Motueka hops.