ČESTMÍR is a new microbrewery, located 25km northeast from Prague in town called Brandýs nad Labem. We brew our first batch at the end of January 2019, nearly after 2 years of contract brewing. The brewery has no pub, but you can buy botlles there or taste the beer directly from the beer tanks as part of brewery tour. 

Within only 68 productive square meters you can find 10hl brew kettle, 4 CKT's and 3 lagering tanks. We like to say, that we are the smallest brewery with the biggest brewing equipment in the Czech Republic. We brew all types of beer - lagers, IPA's, stout's, sour beers...

1/3 of ČESTMÍR members is more than grindcore friendly and after 20 years of attending this festival as a fan or as a part of band ONANIZER, is the chance to serve our own beer & to brew for OEF their special one, just awesome! Looking forward!

ČESTMÍR - the GRINDCORE BREWERY!!! See you in the beerpit!

Pale Lager 11° - "Mind Eraser" - classical, bottom fermented Czech Pilsner type lager, brewed by a single decoction method with Malthouse Klusáček Pilsner and Munich malts, several times hopped by two traditional hops Saaz and Sládek. 4,5% ABV, 30 IBU

American Pale Ale 12° - "Mincer"
- light and refreshing top-fermented beer, brewed with 4 types of malts, when the last aroma & flavor hop addition is done by super varieties Amarillo & Simcoe, making this unique orange-pineapple-piney aroma together. 5,2%ABV, 39 IBU

IPA 13° - "Murderworks" - a stronger variety of "Mincer" beer, where we boosted bitterness a bit, enhanced colour with special malt RED X and hopped with the two heavyweight champions Citra & Mosaic hops, adding to beer a distinctive mix of tropical fruit (mango, passion fruit) and citrusy flavours (grapefruit, lime).  5,7% ABV, 47 IBU

Summer Ale 11° - "Grinder OEF Special" - super drinkable, top-fermented beer, going down the throat really easily. Expect body more on the dry side, with a pleasant citrusy - floral aroma, done by the old legend of West Coast - Cascade hop, well pairing with the unique Ekuanot hop and tropical Citra for dry hop. 4,5% ABV, 35 IBU