Brazil's grind core legend ROT at the OEF 2019!!!

This band deserves its iconic or legendary status without further discussions! A number of you know this squad and a lot of you got to know and discovered the style called grind core through this band. The Brazilian veterans, ROT! 

Without thinking too much we can compare the band's status to Agathocles for example. The band which was formed as early as in 1990 has gone through a very colourful history as for both activity and recordings. 

One could say that it is active in kind of periods from being hyperactive for some time to going into a coma afterwards. We're lucky right now Rot has been brought to life again and their latest active phase is going great and that's why all the orthodox grind core maniacs will be so lucky as to see this Brazilian legend live at the Obscene Extreme Festival in 2019! Old school grind core massacre!!!