The second hardcore air raid by DROPDEAD at OEF 2019!!!

Well, whoever thought they wouldn't see them any more or they had just missed them by ill luck, they were dead wrong! The kings of fast hardcore are back once again! DROPDEAD for the second time at the Obscene Extreme Festival!

A couple more years and this combo will be celebrating their 30th anniversary. A band that was first influenced by groups such as Infest, Anti-Cimex, Siege, Discharge, Septic Death, Confuse or Gauze has itself been influencing dozens of related groups since two decades.

Since their quasi-reincarnation after 2000, they have released another series of interesting recordings, mostly splits with bands such as Ruidos Inmundicia, Systematic Death, Unholy Grave or Brainoil. So an unbelievable mosh and a massacre in front of the stage at the OEF 2019!!!