After the show of Chepang, a great band from Nepal, at OEF this year we did not hesitate and reached out again into this mountainous country. The great mountain death metalists, UGRAKARMA, are another great name at the OEF 2019!!! 

These guys were the very first to begin playing death metal in Nepal laying its foundations in this country. This legend of the style has been around since 1999 when they released a demo tape titled "The Himalayan Metal of Death"!!! 

The band around the brothers Bikram and Bijaye experienced also a hibernation between 2002 and 2012 but they have returned stronger than ever before and their mini album "Mountain Grinders" is a clear proof!!! UGRAKARMA has a certain scent of exotica but their old school death metal stands comparison with the greatest representatives of the style!!! This is what this quartet will convince you of at the OEF 2019!!! The Himalayan barbarians attacking!!! UGRAKARMA!!!