Unfortunately, we are forced to announce another change of the line-up, hopefully the last one. INGROWING who were planned for the Wednesday's  BACK TO 1999 PARTY will not be performing!!! The relations in the bands are fragile and an issue like this has affected these veterans too!!!

However, we do not let the grass grow under our feet and have other long-lasting bards for you who were there at the first OEF volume and have, though with little breaks, been playing till today!!! These death metal crushers from Krkonoše mountains have been around since as early as 1991!!! Following a few demos they released their most notorious album "Daymares" in 1996 which received great reviews around the world. Thanks to this fact and the rumour of being a great live band CRUSHER went on several tours alongside such big names as Vader, Krabathor or Dead Infection and also played shows with Nyctphobic, Napalm Death or Nasum all over Europe!

CRUSHER has gone through relatively big line-up changes but the guys still keep crushing their grind-soaked death metal we can hear on their latest album "From The Core"!!! CRUSHER will show you on the boards of OEF 2018 that Death is not Dead!!!