Blasting OEF to Bits!!!

Celebrating 20 years of OEF with a special festival screening of the Nasum documentary ”Blasting shit to bits – The Final Show”.

During its tenure, Nasum rose to become one of the most influential acts of the extreme underground. When lead singer Mieszko Talarczyk disappeared and died in the devastating and tragic tsunami of 2004, Nasum instantly ceased to exist. When the band's would-be 20th anniversary came about in 2012, the band conducted a full world tour with the intent of ending Nasum "the way it was supposed to - exploding in a ferocious, blasting frenzy, not wither away at the mercy of tragedy." The tour included a crazy gig at the fuzzy, scuzzy and oh so beloved grindcore bastion that is Obscene Extreme Festival in Trutnov, Czech Republic.

Five years after the tour ended, filmmaker Michael Panduro completed his music film documenting the band’s final, emotionally and sonically pulverizing show in front of 1000 fans at Stockholm's now defunct Debaser Medis venue. Featuring the full show, interviews and retrospects, the film – titled "Blasting Shit to Bits – The Final Show" – premiered at Copenhagen's Music Film Festival in 2017, and went on to screens in Mexico, Sweden, Slovenia and more.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of OEF, Nasum will do a special screening of the film at the festival. All members of the band will be at OEF to present the show and honor grindcore super daddy Curby and his bastard child. Blast!

A short teaser can be seen at this location: