Who would have said that this year's performance of this grind hammer at the OEF will be the fourth in a row? Year of foundation: 1996, ie. 22 years of existence!!!

There are not many bands of this kind in our country grinding tirelessly for so long and spreading the seed of grind destruction all over the world. Yes, we are speaking about a Czech/Belgian squad ONANIZER!!! The band around the main brain Karel is really a mad phenomenon showing how the grind family is connected all over the world as ONANIZER's  trips around the whole world and really exotic destinations such as Nepal, Thailand, Philippines or South America are legendary!!!

It is not only gigging but also many excellent recordings the guys can provide. Their international status is certainly supported by the fact that the guy sitting behind the drums in this band is the most appropriate one for a grindcore butchery as it is Nils from the legendary Agathocles!!! With him ONANIZER is always ready to crush your ear holes!!!