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Drtící, švédskou energií nabitý D-Beat, namixovaný s drásajícím metalem a thrashem, podtržený tradičně agresivními punkovými vokály - to jsou D.I.S.

Nezadržitelný buldozer plný intenzity a dravosti, který dá dohromady více než 75 let zkušeností a undergroundové oddanosti, během působení svých členů ve vícero různých kapelách. Můžete se vsadit, že se současnými a bývalými členy spolků jako PHOBIA, EXHUMED, MANGE A EAT THE LIVING v sestavě, dostanou lidi od D.I.S. na letošním OEF pěknou D-Beatovou nakládačku!!!


A crushing powerhouse of Swedish influenced D-Beat mixed with ripping metal and thrash, backed by traditionally aggressive punk vocals. This is D.I.S. Bringing together a combined total of over 75 years experience and dedication to the underground through various bands, DIS is an unstoppable bulldozer of heaviness and ferocity.

DIS Started to take form in 2008 as a new undertaking from Bruce Reeves, a founding member of Grindcore legends Phobia and heavy sludge masters Mange. Parting ways with Phobia after 15 years of grinding, it was time to move in another direction. Enlisting the help of Sean Vahle (Eat The Living) on drums and Mike Fisher (ex-No Warning) on Vocals, song writing began. D.I.S. then invited Kent Elmore, formerly of Mange to join the band on Bass and put the finishing touches on what would become their 2008 demo. Shortly after the demo, long time friend and underground legend Leon del Muerte whose entirely-too-long list of bands include such acts as Exhumed, Intronaut, Phobia, Impaled and Murder Construct was recruited to play guitar. With the line up now secure, D.I.S. were ready to hit the stage in full force. Playing with the likes of The Accused, Naked Aggression, General Surgery, Phobia, Cattle Decapitation, Litmus Green, Lack Of Interest, Bastard Noise, War cry, and Gravehill, D.I.S established themselves as a brutal band that appeals to both the heaviest of metal and punk crowds.

Cementing the line up and their unique sound, the end of 2009 brought D.I.S. back into the studio to record their first full length “Critical Failure”. With a release in Spring 2010 through Deep Six (US) and Power It Up (EUR), D.I.S. will be heading across the U.S. in support of their new record. In the works are a few split releases and future plans for a new record in 2011, with a European tour to follow along with other various world dominating activities.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2013 Becoming Wrath
2010 Critical Failure


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