Hurray!!!! Almost the complete OEF 2020's line-up confirmed for next year!!!

Finally we also have great news for you!!! With a lot of helpfulness and understanding, almost all the bands have agreed moving their show to 2021!!!

OBSCENE EXTREME 2020 has been moved to July 2021!!!

The fears of the last few days have come true and we must announce what many of you may have foreseen. 

If you haven't seen the film ČURBY - The 20 Anniversary of Obscene Extreme yet, it's time to put things right!!!

Welcome to the crazy world of Obscene Extreme! Get to know Čurby and check out the 20th anniversary of his festival for all freaks which was made by a fan for the fans. You can find it for free on Youtube. Write us in the comments how you like.

Will OBSCENE EXTREME survive the year 2020? Only together!!!

We keep receiving loads of emails and messages as for this year's OEF and if we have a plan B. Yes, we have. The plan is that, if the situation with COVID-19 does not settle down, we will have to shift the 2020 edition to July 2021. 

To all the OEF fans and supporters!!!

We keep receiving questions about what is going to happen to the OEF 2020. However, we are not able to answer that at the moment. As for the OEF team I can confirm that this volume is almost ready... 

AUTHOR & PUNISHER will not perform at OEF this year!!!

We don't like this kind of news !!! Everybody in the OEF crew was another opportunity to experience this great show which Tristan creates. We will definitely invite A&P to OEF as soon as possible again!!!


This year once again in cooperation with Fly High Tribe, we bring you the opportunity to experience something unique - BODY SUSPENSION! 

Come to grind to Bucharest!!!

See you there!


3500 tons of shark fins are exported out of the EU every year on average. It's time for the massacre to end!


What kind of insanity you still missing in the Wednesday schedule? 

Cyjan!!! Losing a friend is never easy.

Cyjan has been my friend not only since the early days of Obscene Extreme but for so much longer... I can’t even remember when we met for the first time, maybe it was sometime in 1993 in Germany? 


We are the OEF. Outside All Boundaries. Forever.


Formed in early 2018 at damp and dirty basements of Prague, a new five-piece band came into its rotting existence. SNĚŤ (meaning in English - gangrenous necrosis) is a type of tissue death caused by a lack of blood supply. 

Distribution of Obscene Extreme printed tickets: RUSSIA!!!

Do you fancy a printed ticket for Obscene Extreme 2020??? 

Uncompromising crushing of bones by CONAN!!!

Imagine a soundtrack to an epochal battle where blood is spraying in all directions and barbarians are wielding their heavy axes crushing one skull after another. This is exactly the picture you will get when the heavy-duty production of doom/sludge warriors from the British Isles, the iconic CONAN, will have hit you hard!

Do you feel like listening to gnawing tones resembling a soundtrack to the funeral march? MORBID EVILS!!!

And what about riffs spreading like pungent slime with a really hellish atmosphere. Indeed, nothing very positive.

Hooray!!! We are going to Romania!!!

And do you know why I'm so excited? Because this event (together with the Czech Center in Bucharest) is organized by my longtime friend, a tireless fan and supporter of Obscene Extreme, Coro, who knows exactly what is behind our festival and what its values are!!! 

Solid portion of classic heavy sludge/doom metal by BEGGAR!!!

British band BEGGAR is set to provide some heavy-duty stoner sludge metal refreshment for genre Wednesday. Rough, dense tunes loaded with ideas, melodies and riffs. BEGGAR's production is easy to listen to and perfectly performed.

Do you fancy a printed ticket for Obscene Extreme 2020??? Pick it up at one of our distributors!!!

In Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Russia or order through Obscene e-shop.