Describing themselves as 'post-mental neo-grind', CZECH trio PERFECITIZEN are on a mission to mess with your brain – just check out their shrieking 2011 promo, available to stream/download atwww.perfecitizen.com.


Formed out of the ashes of long-running, forward-thinking death metallers/grinders ALIENATION MENTAL in 2011 and containing two former members of MINCING FURY AND GUTTURAL CLAMOUR OF QUEER DECAY, there's no doubting PERFECTIZEN's jawdropping skill, dedication to the scene, and transcendental subject matter...


OBSCENE EXTREME, prepare to open your third eye...


This death/grind formation emerged from the ashes of Alienation Mental, a band, which had been participating in forming the Czech grind scene since 1997, until they split up in 2011, just after their last full-length release.


Three of four last Alienation Mental members immediately formed a new band, PERFECITIZEN. The initial line-up was Olda Kamenetski (ex Mincing Fury, ...) on vocals, Tomáš Mleziva on guitars and sickdrummer Jarda Haž. Shortly after that, Petr Vaněk joined the band as a bass player. From march 2011 till the end of the year, the band played numerous gigs and acquired some fans, mostly across the Czech republic. The main reason for abandoning a well-known trademark and taking a fresh start was the intention to makemore modern music with more influences from other genres, more mathematically and technically advanced structures and even more extreme appearance and approach. Perfecitizens’ vision is to give the music meaning, to use it as a tool for expressing a story. Perfecitizen’s story fits all of us, who live in this century and are chained into an industrial global productivity machine.


In autumn 2011, PERFECITIZEN recorded first three songs in Davos studio in Vyškov as a free on-line promo, titled "Promo MMXI". The promo material has had a positive response from both media and public. After this record, bass player Petr decided to quit due to a promising abroad business offer.


In 2012, band continues to play gigs all over the Czech republic. Promo material has reached foreign online radio braoadcasts and people from all around the world, who downloaded the online promo, have posted mostly positive reviews and feedback on the social networks. Meanwhile, band played at some mid-size local festivals, such as Krhanice Open Air or Antitrend fest.


In October 2012, Perfecitizen joined Italian extreme experimentators Psychofagist for a week on their european tour across the Czech republic and Slovakia. Shortly after that, composing the songs for a debut LP began.


Perfecitizen are currently finishing their work on a debut full-length album, which is scheduled to be recorded on the late spring of 2013.


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