INCANTATION - Dominant Ethos


INCANTATION cursed us at OEF back in 2010. With their latest album "Dirges
 of Elysium" however they are again a bit more macabre and it cannot be denied grey hair do them good. Their old school death metal rules and devours! John and his co-crushers are still highly regarded and maybe they play some new songs to us. Enjoy the creeps!!! 


One of the most important bands ever to emerge in the death metal genre, Incantation has braved two decades through many lineup changes, tours around the world, and an extensive discography. The death metal institution has returned with its latest release, Primordial Domination, to once again prove that Incantation is often imitated but never equaled. Leading Incantation is mainman John McEntee, along with drummer Kyle Severn, and bassist Joe Lombard. Incantations earliest EP, Entrantment of Evil, was released to a burgeoning death metal scene in 1990. Despite numerous lineup changes, Incantation has outlived many a band from that era, continuing to release solid records year after year, including 1992s now-classic full-length debut, Onward to Golgotha, Diabolical Conquest, and Decimate Christendom. With Primordial Domination the band continues to set a standard of quality for all others to meet. We really feel we have accomplished what we were aiming for with Primordial Domination, said McEntee. It has all the fundamentals that make Incantation who we are as a band but we went for a heaver and more crushing production on this album. We also added more leads than the band have had in many years. We made the album that we wanted to hear. The staggering combination of the bands ominous sound, vicious style, incredible work ethic, and unwavering dedication has left an indelible mark unmatched by all except the most legendary of their peers. Through its recorded and live performances, Incantation has built a legacy that will extend beyond its years. Lending proof to its incredible work ethic, Incantation has toured from Canada to Colombia, Argentina to Europe, Central America to Australia and the United States, and plans to continue its worldwide live onslaught following the release of Primordial Domination. We have always gone the extra mile to tour and perform for all the Incantation supporters around the world, McEntee said. Incantation, for us, is a life style and when we play live, people are getting a band in their most sincere and pure primordial state. We believe that our supporters deserve the best show possible and we will always do are best to deliver. Over its illustrious 20-year career, Incantation has become an infamous death metal institution and Primordial Domination is certain to maintain the groups reputation as a pillar of the international underground metal scene.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Dirges of Elysium CD, LP
2012 Vanquish in Vengeance CD
2010 Scapegoat 7" EP
2008 Blasphemous Cremation CD, LP
2006 Primordial Domination CD, LP
2006 Thieves of the Cloth EP
2004 Decimate Christendom CD
2002 Blasphemy CD
2002 Live Blasphemy in Brazil Tour 2001 CD
2000 The Infernal Storm CD
1998 Diabolical Conquest CD
1997 The Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish CD, EP
1997 Tribute to the Goat CD
1995 Upon the Throne of Apocalypse CD
1994 Mortal Throne of Nazarene CD
1992 Onward to Golgotha CD


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