Noisy and filthy answer to Japanese distort squads like Framtid / Disclose. Intensive and brutal mosh you do not come across so often in here. Quite young band that was formed as a one-man project and transformed into a regular band after a couple of years.

You will get the chance at this year OEF to torture your ear canals with feedbacks and unechoed screams!!!


"Deaf Kids is a one-man punk band from Rio de Janeiro-Brazil that started in the middle of 2010. This havoc machine hails straight from Brazilian lands, wielding a harsh mixture of vicious d-beat, abrasive sludgey guitars and walls of noise. Waves of repetition, raw dis-chords, dissonant riffs... by the time the echoing vocals are in, you're out. Out from the normal state of mind. In less than three years, followed by two insane guys on the bass and drums, Deaf Kids toured south and midwest, played at gigs in 8 different states along with bands like O Cúmplice, Sin Orden, Test, Possuído Pelo Cão, Noala, The Black Coffins, O Mito da Caverna, Cidade Cemitério and many others. Deaf Kids have recorded and released a 7'', 'Six Heretic Anthems for the Deaf' and a tape k7 compilating songs of two yet unreleased splits (with O Mito da Caverna and Robot Wars) that was released in Europe recently. 'The Upper Hand', their first full-lenght, was released on their bandcamp at the end of 2013 and it's planned to be released on LP soon. Their shows are widely known for it's intensity, density and violence, with lots of guitar reverb, echoing and harsh ambiences.

Deaf Kids Live is:

Dovglas - Vocals/Guitars

Angu - Bass

Marian - Drums


Release date Release name Media
2013 The Upper Hand LP
2013 I Am The Sickness
2012 Deaf Kids & O Mito da Caverna Split
2012 6 Heretic Anthems For The Deaf EP


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