Čurby - The 20 Anniversary of OBSCENE EXTREME Film!!!

Welcome to the crazy world of Obscene Extreme! Get to know Čurby and get a glimpse of his freak friendly festival on its 20th anniversary. Meet artists and fans from all over the world through this DIY film made by a fan, for the fans!!!

This is a DIY documentary made with great passion and love for the OEF festival and underground scene in general. To be able to do projects like this in the future we need the viewers and the fans to support us. We have put in many hours into this project. It´s been long nights and short afternoons after coming home from the regular job. It has been worth every drop of sweat and stress just to make others enjoy this film and get a glimpse into the crazy world of grindcore and Obscene Extreme. This is your chance to support us for future projects. To all involved, Barney Greenway, Matt Harvey, Arif Rot, Smattro Ansjovis and all the other artists, Mr. Curby him self and the best fans in the world, thanks for this wonderful experience.


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AVAILABLE in English, Spanish and Czech language. 




This is the first 2 chapters of the film (WARNING, low quality, online and DVD is in better resolution). 


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DVD - Čurby - The 20 Anniversary of OEF


Tričko - OEF 2019 - Čurby - Black