Texas electric guitar massacre by P.L.F.!!!

If you are unfamiliar with this band then it would appear that your grasp of the grind core scene is somewhat lacking. We believe that PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER, aka P.L.F., are cornerstones of the current global grind scene. 

During their twenty years, they have smashed out eight albums and have literally toured the world with their furious thrash sound heavily seasoned with grind.

Their last local show in Trutnov in 2006 has already been relegated to our dusty dim memories and covered with spiderwebs! Luckily, they have been dedicated disciples to the Obscene Extreme Festival for a long time, proven by their double appearance at the OEF America 2015. So, be assured that these Texian “little flowers” will grind the living to dust at the Obscene Extreme Festival in Trutnov in 2020!!!