I love DROPDEAD! That is clear after all. These guys have always tortured their instruments to the maximum, have always produced a souped-up music, have always had very similar views like me and we have always had a great deal of understanding !!!

When I heard what had happened to them in June in Canada, I couldn't believe. A stolen van after a great concert !!! Moreover, I have an emotional connection to this van !!! I once went with DROPDEAD in this van to the gigs during the famous American NASUM farewell tour along with DROPDEAD and BRUTAL TRUTH !!!

This does not have anything to do with karma I am saying to myself and therefore we are putting on behalf of OEF 5000 CZK (200 euro) into a DROPDEAD penny bank and would like you to help as well !!!

The DROPDEAD penny bank will be there in the Grind Market. Please put some change you do not need there!

Also, you can buy this benefit record on their bandcamp site:

Support never ends !!! Thank you!!!