This year we decided to open a second point of sale to shorten the waiting time for the product from our merch you have chosen. 

The stand is opposite the stage behind the projection room (the white house in the middle of the auditorium) and you can buy there as follows:

1. CHARITY T-SHIRTS - the only place to buy these T-shirts!

2. VICTIMS OF WAR - all kinds of men's T-shirts and hoodies with the VICTIMS OF WAR motif - T-shirts number 1-5 and hoodies 23, 24 (also available in the grind market at the main entrance).

3. FUTURE?!? - all kinds of men's T-shirts and hoodies with the FUTURE?!? motif - T-shirts number 6-11 and hoodie 25.

4. ORACULUM - all kinds of women's T-shirts with the ORACULUM motif - T-shirts number 34-37 and dress number 38 (also available in the grind market at the main entrance).

5. T-SHIRT ČURBY - limited Edition of a T-shirt to the „Čurby - The 20th Anniversary of Obscene Extreme“ DVD (the only place to buy these T-shirts!)