A Week till OEF - Yes - The D-day, the H-hour and the S-second are almost here!!! The last important INFO!!!

Presale finished but OEF has no limit, festival place can take in 20.000 fans so don’t worry about your place on festival if you’ll buy ticket at the gate!!! 

Ticket at the door is 89 euro (or 2.200,- Czech koruna) for all 4 days of the Obscene Extreme festival. Help us and have loose change or the exact amount for the ticket ready, please. It will help us very much to reduce the waiting time in a queue. We don't sell daily TICKETS for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Daily ticket for Saturday will be sold only at the entrance to the festival venue for 1500 CZK l 60 euro.

Booking of VIP CAMP places, PARKING places and LOCKERBOXES have been closed, but we still have enough free places and lockers. You can pay for VIP CAMP, PARKING and LOCKERBOXES directly on site until the capacity is reached.

OEF TEENAGER PASS is a ticket every visitor from the age of 14 until the day he or she reaches 19 years of age is entitled to get for a reduced price of 500,- CZK or 20 euro (Kids aged 0 - 14 years have still free entrance to OEF). Persons with the certificate of disability receive a 50% discount on the ticket. Have your ID & loose change  ready please!   

Please do not bring any stuff which could be dangerous to health as glass, bottles, explosives, chemicals, weapons and animals to the festival area!!! Please leave your pets at home... there are too many people, noise, etc. on the fest, so it is important to do our best to keep all the maniacs safe, which is why there is a strict ban on entry of animals !!!

Thanx for your support!!!






Here we go with contact for really fair and affordable taxi. DotaxiGo,, telephone 777 00 00 10

In Trutnov city for  79,- Kč (approx. 4 euro), Dolce 89,- Kč (approx. 4,5 euro), outside of Trutnov 20,-/km (0,78 euro per km) a 10,-/min. waiting time (0,39 euro per minute).


Of course you can make all payments in our national currency Czech koruna. If we can advise, do not exchange bigger amounts in Prague at the airport or in banks. It is just the worst deal you can do. Better to use private exchange offices in the town centers or you can simply pay directly in euro currency at OEF... Thanks for understanding.       


Obscene Extreme has the reputation of one of the friendliest festivals and we are very proud of it! Enjoy our festival in peace as usually!!! Remember, being OK with the locals is the main thing for us!!! Trutnov is our home and we would like to continue like this!!!


It is clear you are going to spend 3-4 days at the fest so be ready for everything. We advise you better to be ready with a kit-bag for both the sunny and the rainy variant plus you can take ID card, health insurance card (especially stage divers!!! This is really important, if you have this card you don't pay any money in Czech hospitals!!! Also travel insurance is a good thing!),  hygienic stuff, rain coat (perfect idea!!! bring rain coat for sure!!! we will sell raincoats in Grind market as well!), WC paper, sun glasses, sun lotion, tent, sleeping bag. Leave all expensive belongings as expensive cameras, video-cameras, jewellery etc. at home!!! 

And of course don´t forget mask, you´re going to OBSCENE EXTREME!!! 

Have a safe trip and see you soon!!!