CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER maniacs, get ready for LOWLIFE!! A classic line-up to thrash your bones with all the Convicted/Money Talks anthems!!!

2019's reincarnation of the legendary Crossover beast known as CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER is ready to drop the bomb at OEF!  

Scotty, Les and other well-known heroes of the 80s Californian speed-core scene join forces under the name LOWLIFE to deliver all the amazing hits from C.S. albums like "Convicted" and "Money Talks"... some of the most influential and energetic masterpieces ever conceived in the history of Hardcore blended with old school Thrash savagery! It's all there.. outrageously fast drumming, catchy riffs and raging screaming vocals to lead you in a teeth-crushing cyclone of merciless mosh.

Tighten your bandana and dive in the OEF pit, it's time to set your own pace and get crazy with LOWLIFE!!!